Whole or Half, Beef or Pork Custom Orders

Choose from half or whole animals, and let us take care of the rest. You have the freedom to customize your order, from selecting your preferred cuts and sizes to packaging options. This is a great option for stocking your freezer to feed your family, and is our best value per pound. Raised by local Wisconsin family farms, know and trust you will have meat that everyone will ask for again!

The best part? Processing and delivery charges are all included in the per-pound price.

"This is the best beef I can remember eating, at home or in a restaurant. Amazing beef!"

- Pat F.

Hanging Weights:

The Wisconsin Grass-fed Beef Cooperative sells whole and half beef and hog animals by hanging weight.

Hanging weight, also called “Hot Carcass” weight is the actual weight of the animal shortly after it is slaughtered, minus skin, head, and most internal organs. Processing and delivery charges are included in the total price. What you receive (the “yield”) should be approximately 70-75 percent of the hanging weight, depending on the cutting instructions you choose and the items you accept or decline.

Here are some examples:

The actual finished weight you receive will depend on the size of your particular animal, and on your cutting instructions. If you have everything deboned, and decline your soup/dog bones, organs, etc., your yield will be closer to 60%. If you take everything you have coming, and choose bone-in cuts, your yield could be as high as 75-80%. Regardless of cutting instructions, there will also always be a “shrink” or water weight loss, as the carcass hangs for 10 days prior to being cut, during which time it loses moisture (but gains flavor and tenderness).

Freezer Space:

The size of your carcass may vary but the yield percentages will usually remain in the 60-65% range for beef and the 70-80% range for pork. A rough guide to calculating freezer space needed is that 30lbs of packaged meat takes up ~1 cubic foot of freezer space. So...


After we receive your deposit online, we will schedule your order to be processed. When your order is ready for delivery (or pick-up), you will be sent a second invoice for the remaining balance based on the pounds of hanging weight.

**All costs of processing, packaging and delivery/pick up are included in our price.** 

Cutting Instructions:

Custom orders will be cut using the WGBC standard cutting instructions, unless otherwise specified.

Prefer to submit your own custom cutting instructions? Fill out the appropriate form below:

To order, you will be required to submit a deposit online. After the deposit is collected, we will contact you to schedule delivery and any additional information. A second invoice for the remaining balance will be due upon delivery or pick up of the meat. 


Please note: Delivery of custom whole and half animals is only available in SE Wisconsin.

You can pick your order up (receive $50 cash discount for custom whole or half orders), or if you live in a nearby state or are passing through, please contact us for other pick-up options.