Our Cooperative Community

Over 230 family farmers take pride in being owner-members of the Wisconsin Grass-fed Beef Cooperative.

We use regenerative agricultural practices to raise lean, healthy, tasty beef and pork  sold under the brand Wisconsin Meadows™.  Our well-managed and diverse pastures protect Wisconsin’s soil and water resources and provide wildlife habitat. 

We care about those things because we live here, too!

Founded in 2008 on the rolling meadows of Wisconsin, our cooperative began as a small community of farmers committed to changing the way beef was produced and consumed. Our story is one of regeneration — of the land, our communities, and the health of our families. Through collaboration and a shared vision, we've grown, but our core mission remains unchanged: to produce the highest quality, grass-fed and finished beef while nurturing the soil and waterways that sustain our way of life. Every steak, every roast, tells the story of our dedication to a healthier planet and the promise of a sustainable future for the next generation of farmers.

Team Bios

Joe Mantoan,

Sales Manager:

Joe has been a producer-member of the cooperative since 2017. He started his own grazing operation in 2009 on family land in West Bend, Wisconsin where he currently lives and farms. 

Joe oversees sales relationships with distributors and key accounts across the Midwest, and he gets deliveries to our existing customers. 

Joe is passionate about the broad sweeping benefits of rotational grazing and is excited to serve and bring value to his grazing community and the cooperative. 

Josh Miner,

Business-to-Consumer Channel and Animal Procurement Manager:

Josh grew up in Anchorage, Alaska as a city boy, and then got his first taste of the upper Midwest when he moved away to college in Northfield, MN. He got interested in local foods, agricultural sustainability, and Ag policy as a twenty-something living in Oakland, CA working first with a local farmers’ market, and then for UC Cooperative Extension on local food policy. 

Josh comments how wonderful it’s been living in the Driftless Region, getting to know local farmers, and helping them market their products with the Cooperative. 

Josh is passionate about coordinating beef and processing with Wisconsin Grass-fed Beef Cooperative members, and provides top-notch customer service to all of our customers.

In Josh’s spare time you can find him participating in anything outdoors as well as cooking especially with the enormous quantities of the best beef and pork from Wisconsin Meadows!  

Rod Ofte,

General Manager:

Rod has been in the agriculture and food industry his entire lifetime. Rod’s passion for agriculture stems from years dedicated to food production employed by a worldwide food production company as well as his own farm where they provide nutritious beef, poultry, and pork products, raised in the most humane and eco-friendly way. His farm, Willow Creek Ranch, is located in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin and is organically managed using rotationally grazed pastures which provides an ideal environment for animals and wildlife. Rod has been with the cooperative since its inception in 2008 as one of the founding members. Rod has dedicated his livelihood to raising healthy animals as grass-fed and grass-finished while managing strategic and business functions for the cooperative.   

Tim Mathison,

Accounting Manager:

Tim is the owner of Mathison’s Tax Service near Viroqua, Wisconsin, and does personal, small business and farm income tax preparation, accounting, and bookkeeping. Tim also owns a farm in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin dedicated to grass-fed and grass-finished animals. Tim and his wife have been members of the cooperative since 2016 and raise Belted Galloway cattle using regenerative practices that Wisconsin Grass-fed Beef Cooperative is known for. Besides raising cattle for the cooperative, Tim provides the business with accounting and financial strategies to help all members and the cooperative be financially successful.

Angie Lindloff,

Marketing Manager:

Angie grew up in central Wisconsin on a dairy and beef farm where her passion for agriculture led her to pursue a degree in Marketing Communications and Business within the agriculture industry. She dedicated many years towards marketing and business growth within several worldwide agricultural companies until she had the opportunity to start her own marketing business in 2019. Angie owns LM Creative Marketing where she dedicates her time helping clients with applying marketing methods to help promote their brands including building and managing websites, implementing digital and print design campaigns and executing social media platforms. Angie became part of the cooperative in early 2020 to help with marketing initiatives. When Angie is not working, she can easily be found outside during any season of the year enjoying the outdoors with her family and friends. 

On behalf of all our member-owners, Thank you for supporting Wisconsin Grass-fed Beef Cooperative and Wisconsin Meadows by choosing local grass-fed beef and pastured pork products for your table!